You are not alone.

Most likely the reason why you have made it to this webpage is because you find yourself in a situation you never thought you would be in. Discerning to follow the Lord on a different path than what you initially expected for your life is nothing short of courageous. Perhaps you don’t feel that way now, but those of us at Leonie’s Longing know it is. We’ve lived it and we are here for you.

You may be looking for support, but don’t know where to turn or even if you’re ready. While there is no set of exact instructions for how to navigate this time of transition from religious life, there is one guiding principle that you might consider as your foundation – be gentle with yourself. You are first and foremost a beloved daughter of the Father, who loves you infinitely. In this time, try to let Him hold you in His arms. The rest will unfold.

Some suggestions that might help you take just the next step

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