Our Board

President: Theresa
My name is Theresa Jasko and I am currently the President of Leonie’s Longing.  In college I studied Anthropology and Archaeology and I currently do super secret work for the government (ha!). My previous jobs have included working in film as a Production Manager, doing constituent relations for a State Senator, helping manage the office of a web hosting company and being a cashier at a thrift store. I spent quite awhile discerning religious life and I entered a community for a time. Transitioning back to lay life was very difficult for me and I looked everywhere for resources and support. As I prayed and asked God to help me during this time, I came to realize that He was asking me to help others who were experiencing the same situation. Thus Leonie’s Longing was born. I pray that you find it helpful.


Erin_LLVice President, Graphic Design & Promotions: Erin
The expanse of the human heart extends to depths and breadths often unable to be articulated and remain, at times, hidden and remote even from ourselves. Yet it is precisely in this place of unknowing that Jesus meets us and transforms our darkness with the radiance of His love and mercy. One’s transition from discerning the path of religious life to following the Lord’s direction forward to a new way of life can range in experience from grace-filled to utterly treacherous. Whatever your experience has been, be assured of this – you are not alone. The Lord loves you and is walking with you during the roller coaster ride you may be experiencing in your heart. I have been blessed to find community, support and joy through Leonie’s Longing during the time of my transition and it is my hope that your heart encounters renewal and solace as I have through this ministry. It is a gift for me to put my various skills and degrees at the service of Leonie’s Longing, ranging from being a registered nurse and having studied communication disorders to working for the Church at the diocesan, state and national levels and having a heart that loves to encounter goodness, beauty and truth. May you and I both know with certainty that He is always with us, wherever we go and in whatever way He calls us to love.

Treasurer: Rob

Welcome to our new Treasurer! An introduction is on its way…




Technology Coordinator: Bek
Returning to my homeland after 18 months in an overseas convent meant acclimating not only to the noise and pace of the world again, but adjusting back into my culture-of-origin having made previously the change to that of another. I’m only exaggerating slightly when I say it took a year to learn how to use a knife and fork again! My experience of such change, both in life direction and in relationship with Him, have stirred up in my heart a great sense of empathy towards others just beginning to navigate the same sometimes-stormy waters. He truly can calm those waters, if only you continue to trust Him! Sometimes, though, we need each other… we need community… to remind us of the hope we have in Him, when everything goes pear-shaped. That’s where Leonie’s Longing has been such a blessing for me during my own transition. It is a privilege, now, to be able to “give back” and to serve in such a worthwhile apostolate. I bring with me a professional background in technology and business, with degrees in IT, theology and library science… my “tools” to be placed at the Lord’s disposal!


Board Photo Penny

Social Media Committee Coordinator, Blog Mistress, Secretary: Penny
I arrived at Leonie’s Longing in 2014, a bit over a year after it began: at the time that the founding Board members were getting this ministry off the ground, I was still in the early days of postulancy and committed to becoming a holy nun. (Sadly, I didn’t become either holy, or a nun!)

Reading the posts at Leonie’s Longing by others who had been in religious life made a great difference to me, and I knew immediately that I wanted to get involved. Initially, my mission was to look after the blog for a few weeks while the then-Blog Mistress was away, but it slowly morphed into a permanent role, and then a position on the Board. The title sounds pretty impressive, but my job is the same as ever: to help women (and men, too) who want to share their stories with others on the blog. If you have any ideas for blog posts, or questions about writing for Leonie’s Longing, I’d be very happy to hear from you at blogcontent[at]leonieslonging.org! (Please note that the old email address, the one that began with “blogmistress,” is no longer functioning!)